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GraphQuant Trading System

* Trade name registered with the INPI for use by Spark Comércio de Software e Tecnolgia Ltda.,
CNPJ 39.291.007 / 0001-45.


The GraphQuant Trading System (GQ) is a financial asset trading system integrated by strategies for TradingView and, in the future, TradeStation platforms. The trading strategies are enhanced through studies of Quantitative Analysis and Graphical Analysis material collected from books, magazines (e.g. Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities), blogs and international forums.

To subscribe to the system, after using it for free for a ten-day trial period, click on our products  page, which contains further explanations about the procedure.

The system can be used for semi-automated and / or automated trading with the use of a color detector robot, contracted separately, for the triggering of audible alarms and / or making clicks on platform buttons, according to the user’s option. Please read the text O que são sistemas semi-automatizados de operação e por que são melhores que os automatizados e os discriconários?

If you have questions about the use of the system or the subscription to it, please contact our costumer service .


About the company

The company is made up of its managing partner and its senior partner, the latter being trader, researcher and strategies and indicators developer. It is  managed de facto by a hired manager.

Registration with the Commercial, Industrial and Services Board of the Federal District under No. 53202364911 on 10/02/2020 of the Company SPARK COMERCIO DE SOFTWARE E TECNOLOGIA LTDA.,
Nire 53202364911 and DFP2000153234 protocol – 10/02/2020.




To ensure that clients have an excellent performance in operations in the capital markets through the sharing of a trading system continuously improved through studies of strategies and indicators disclosed in the best sources of knowledge on the subject on the international field.



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