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Books — Risk Management

Gestão do risco   [ >] “The disciplined trader”, M. Douglas; [ >] “É só isso?!”, M. Noronha; [ >] “Controle de risco”, A. Wolwacz; [ >] Gestão do Capital e Controle de Risco, Camila Costa. Link para download gratuito: [ >] Reminiscências de um especulador financeiro, Jesse Livermore   Gestão do risco — estudos […]

Books — Programming

Source: TowardsDataScience ; [ >]  ‘Learning Python’ (Ascher & Lutz) A thorough look at the Python programming language as well as a great reference. Although, for up-to-date reference on Python 3, one should probably lean towards online resources as the Python language probably has the best online community of help and resources.  

Books — Financial Engeneering

Sources: TowardsDataScience ; These are some essential reads for financial engineers. Some of these texts will commonly be found in Financial Engineering (FE) courses. As a self-taught learner I studied what was taught in various university courses for FE and followed their curriculums. Most FE programs feature the following texts during the first or second […]

Qualification Plan

Sources: Quantinsti ;   Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), Master’s degree in Financial Markets Executive Programme in Algorithmic Trading (EPAT) has helped me a lot to reinforce my weaknesses, to consolidate my knowledge and to open up new paths to investigate on my own. The best thing about EPAT is that […]

Books — Trading

Online reading  Amazon [ aqui ] eBooks [ here ]   Online Bookshops   [ >] Library of Trader [ here ][ >] Wiley [ here ; Time Series ;] PDF Drive [ here ]     Estudos iniciais   [ >] Iniciando na Bolsa e Valores – Tudo o que você Precisa Saber para se […]