Training Courses

Cursos gratuitos sobre assuntos diversos em sites ou listas de vídeos

Google Drive [ Vários1 ; Vários2 ; Dyogenes ]

Igor Graminhani (Introdução à Análise Gráfica) [ aqui ];

André Machado Playlist [ here , Gift ];

Cris Natividade [ site ]

Cleber Rocha (Tape Reading) [ lista YT , tela ]

Ichimoku Trading [ ProRealTime ]

Análise Gráfica e Price Action

Suporte e Resistência (gratuito) [ here ];

Guilherme Cardoso (gratuito) [ here ]

Fausto Botelho (gratuito) [ here ]

YTC [ here ]

Ações e Futuros

RaioX [ aqui ] ;Osney Cola [ aqui ]


Sheik Trade (curso Ultra Scalping) [ aqui ]

Osney Cola [ aqui ]

Day Trading

Udemy Day Trading (R$ 23) [ here ]

Opções na B3

Góes [ aqui ]


Pro [ here ]

Quantitative Analysis

Sentiment Analysys (Phyton with IBridgePY via IntBrokers+Twitter) [ here , here ]


Google Finance para a B3 [ aqui ]


Excel e VBA

Udemy [ here ]

Tape Reading

Cris Natividade (gratuito) [ site ]

Cleber Rocha (Tape Reading) [ lista YT , tela ]

Courses on Financial Markets

Topics in Mathematics and Finance [ here ]

Why Finance? (Yale) [ here ]

Financial Markets (Yale) [ here ]

Other courses or tutorials
Also, there are 100’s of working trading systems on that site that you can copy, edit, learn from and profit from. Why reinvent the wheel? If you are really good and have a competitive system they might also seed you with some trading capital.

You can take several courses in Python through for free if you audit the class.

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Another course that I thought very well done as an intro/overview was:

If you want to attend classes look at Trulanes Energy program. They hava a full trading room and actually teach trading energy products. They also have trading competitions between students.




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